Firm ship for Barcelona: kinda sucky now, but it will be better later. Honest.

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AMD logoAMD has announced a firm ship for Barcelona: it will start moving out the door to systems manufacturers in August, with systems sporting the chip not really showing up in quantity until late September or on into October. Both standard and low power versions will be available.
AMD had announced the chip would ship in the “summer;” they’re cutting it close.

Interestingly in the release (and as noted by The Register), they indicate they are only shipping the 2 GHz versions in August (1.9 for the low power version), with an expected speed bump in “Q4.”

So it looks to the outside observer that AMD is still having trouble with manufacturing and can’t reliably get the high frequency chips out now, so they’re releasing a clocked down version rather than delay the product.

Company strategy: 1) release crap now, 2) hope people buy it, 3) diminish chances of 2 happening by telling people the good stuff comes out in just 3 months’ time, 4) fritter away your technology lead by worrying more about PR than solid product worth people’s hard earned money.

Of course, if I had a multi-billion dollar company I might try to protect it by doing the same things. Also, I would have a chauffeur: I hate driving.


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