HP's multi-core optimization program

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Not to be outdone by the likes of Intel, HP has just announced its own effort to stave off the coming multi-core software crisis. While Intel educates, HP provides us with tools (to be fair Intel is also creating tools, but the segue works better this way, don’t you think?):

HP logoHP also has expanded its extensive development tools portfolio, including compilers, debuggers and math libraries that are now available for a variety of processor and system architectures, operating systems and interconnects. The expanded portfolio, packaged as a multi-core application development tool suite, is expected to be available by year end and will include products from HP and leaders in HPC software development such as TotalView Technologies.

HP is also adding technical support to help optimize independent software vendors’ (ISVs) applications for multi-core performance. Through its expertise and support, HP will help ISVs address the challenge of capitalizing on multi-core technology to meet customer demand for scalable application performance growth.