Livermore adds 33 TFLOPS from Appro

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Appro announced today that Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has awarded a cluster purchase to the company. The cluster

Appro logo…named “Minos” will consist of a supercomputing Linux Cluster made of Appro 1U Quad XtremeServer with a total of 6 scalable units (SU) each with 144 nodes for a total of 864 nodes/6,912 cores based on Second-Generation AMD Opteron™ processors. Its peak performance is 33.18 TFLOPS with a total of 13,864GB of memory available. This High-Performance Computing (HPC) Solution includes a two stage 20 Gb/s 4x Double Data Rate (DDR) InfiniBand fabric featuring Voltaire edge, spine switches and Mellanox dual port DDR InfiniBand HCAs. These clusters are estimated to be deployed by the end of July 2007.

The system will join another Appro system (a 4 SU, 576 node cluster named “Rhea”) in support of the stockpile stewardship program, and two other systems purchased last year:

Beyond the Rhea and Minos clusters mentioned above, Lawrence Livermore last year also acquired two other supercomputing clusters from Appro: the 44 teraFLOP “Atlas” cluster and the 11 teraFLOP “Zeus” cluster. These supercomputing clusters are used for unclassified research under the Laboratory’s Multi-programmatic and Institutional Computing program.