More buttons in the wild

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In what has been a stunning response to getting kicked in the pants, I got two emails today with more pictures from the first ever button-palooza (click the thumbs for big pics).

An anonymous reader from LBL (in my head I call him Steve) sent me this pic of the buttons in his cube. The graphic beside the buttons is pretty nifty, and he let me know it’s available here on a t-shirt if you’re interested.

Then Roger from the HPC Collaboratory at Mississippi State (my alma mater) sent me these pics of the buttons kicking it old school on the SuperMSPARC, a cluster of 8 SparStation 10’s that MSU built in 1993. I was actually there when that happened, man. Anyway Roger guesses, and I think he might be right, that it’s the oldest still-functional cluster in the world. There’s more history about it at here.

More pics! Pics of the buttons on your supercomputer. On your Timex Sinclair ZX-80 with 16k RAM pack. On your girlfriend. Stuck on your best friend’s glasses while he’s passed out at the kegger. Whatever grabs you. (And Christine, I know where you live. Send me pictures.)