More on Cray's AMD woes

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The Register also covered Cray’s restated financials yesterday, and wondered as I did [see important corrections to my reporting on this] about implications for AMD’s quad-core offerings:

So, it remains unclear what Cray’s situation implies for the larger four-core Opteron rollout.

We’re told that the XT4 boxes rely on the lower-end 1000 Series four-core chips code-named Budapest, which AMD has said will ship in the second half of 2007. The rest of the world is most excited about the higher-end four-core parts dubbed Barcelona, which are set to ship by mid-year.

AMD didn’t have much to offer, but their statement does lean toward supporting my theory that Cray was given a range for Budapest availability and picked the early part of that range:

“Barcelona remains on track for launch this Summer,” said an AMD spokesman. “You will see platforms shipping from partners in the third quarter. Budapest is on track for the second half of the year.”