New HPC wallpapers

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Traveling this week has given me the inspiration, and lots of dead time in airports, to whip up five new wallpapers to stun your co-workers and numb your family into submission.

Sure, “I (heart) NY” did wonders for the Empire state but, let’s face it, you’re deeper than that. Your feelings can’t be expressed with a simple heart…you’ve longed for a desktop that shows how you really feel.

Ask and ye shall receive; in a variety of sizes no less.


  1. […] Wow, you guys sure are messed up (I mean that in the best possible way, of course). Requests flooded in after my initial set of “I (insert object that expresses your affection) HPC” wallpapers, and now we’ve got six more ways to tell people how you really feel. Plus a couple darks for you broody, goth types. And bonus, this set includes wallpapers for that best of all possible technologies: the iPhone. Another reason to go out and get yourself one. […]