PeakStream MIA; acquisition imminent?

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Ashlee Vance at The Register comments on PeakStream’s sudden cloaking, and speculates an acquisition is in the works

PeakStream’s web site and telephone numbers have turned dysfunctional. Sources tell The Register that’s because the software start-up has been acquired. But which vendor would buy PeakStream and then be too ashamed to admit it?

…Likely purchasers would include Sun Microsystems, Intel, Nvidia, AMD, IBM, HP, Microsoft, Red Hat, Cray and the list goes on.

So far, we’ve ruled out all of the above except IBM, Red Hat and HP.

You’ll recall that the company makes development software that turns single threaded software into multi-threaded software ready to run on GPGPUs and multicore chips (we’ve covered PeakStream before).


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  1. Word on the street is that PeakStream got bought by Google. It’s probably best I don’t mention how I came by this information.