SRC reconfigurable processors come to AMD

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SRC Computers announced yesterday that they’ll be supporting AMD’s Torrenza initiative with their processor accelerator solutions. Recall that Torrenza is AMD’s platform for letting 3rd party vendors integrate tightly with it’s processors using HyperTransport.

The move brings SRC’s reconfigurable processors, SNAP interconnect, and what the company identifies as its “high level programming environment” to AMD.

“The addition of SRC to the Torrenza initiative is welcomed. Developers will now be able to use ANSI standard languages to develop applications that use both SRC’s reconfigurable hardware and the AMD Opteron(TM) microprocessor. We see this combination as very powerful in many markets including financial services, oil and gas exploration, and life sciences,” says Randy Allen, Vice President Server and Workstation Division of AMD.


  1. […] From HPCwire today we learn that DRC has announced the RPU110-L200, its new reconfigurable processing unit. This DRC solution integrates with the processor directly using AMD’s HyperTransport link through AMD’s Torrenza interface announced back in January. SRC announced a similar approach in June. DRC’s RPU110–L200 module plugs directly into an open processor socket in a multi-way AMD Opteron system to provide direct access to adjacent double data-rate (DDR) memory and Opteron processors at HyperTransport speed and nanosecond latency. This tight coupling between the central processing unit (CPU) and memory eliminates bandwidth and latency issues and provides a general-purpose system with supercomputer capability by running computations in hardware. […]