Sun announces new blades; loop closed

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As reported here yesterday, Sun did announce its new blade offerings today. The new blade can be configured with Sun’s own Ultrasparc T1, Intel Xeon, or AMD Opteron processors

Sun logoallowing customers to deploy the industry’s broadest range of applications ranging from virtualization, database, web tier and high performance computing (HPC) on a single common modular design.

The Sun Blade 6000 Modular System

provides support for Solaris, Windows and Linux operating systems. Its increased memory capacity and I/O bandwidth makes Sun Blade 6000 the optimal virtualization platform, enabling it to support large memory configurations at half the cost. In addition, the new systems have been designed to maximize customer investment by supporting microprocessors with four and eight cores.


  1. […] Sun announces new blades; loop closed […]

  2. […] Sun announces new blades; loop closed […]