Voltaire in deep with real-time trading markets

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Voltaire logoInfiniBand provider Voltaire has two announcements related to the real-time trading markets today out of the SIFMA Technology Management Conference.

First, SUSE Linux Enterprise Real-Time from Novell is going to support InfiniBand, with the companies partnering on customer support.

The solution integrates the industry-standard, open source OFED 1.2 InfiniBand software deep into the SUSE operating system to increase messages per second and reduce overall system latency for faster data processing. To further extend the InfiniBand performance benefits, Voltaire is providing additional software packages to bring application acceleration and high availability to the InfiniBand fabric.

The Voltaire solution is also available for Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 for customers who do not require real-time capabilities in the operating system but still need high-throughput with the reliability of lossless data transfer.

Second, Voltaire, HP and Intel teamed up on a solution that delivers market data 50% faster than before for Reuters.

This optimized configuration consists of Reuters Market Data System and the Reuters Tick Capture Engine (RTCE) installed on HP ProLiant BladeSystem c-Class servers with Intel® Xeon® processors and Voltaire Grid Director™ InfiniBand-based switches with Voltaire’s data acceleration drivers. The Reuters Market Data System is the leading direct exchange feed integration and distribution platform installed at over 2,500 Reuters customers and powering some of the largest automated trading applications in the financial industry.

For these guys, it’s all about latency and volume.