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Archives for July 2007

Evergrid DCRM in beta

From GridToday we learn that Evergrid has announced the beta of its Data Center Resource Manager The software will feature server power management coupled with load balancing and live migration of multi-tier online applications from one server to another, without interruptions to in-flight transactions and without breaking client or file connections. This level of functionality […]

Blue Gene triples power at UAB

The University of Alabama announced yesterday that they’ve turned on a new Blue Gene/L. At 5.6 TFLOPS the new computer triples the computational resources previously available to university researchers. From HPCwire “Blue Gene will help our researchers make breakthrough simulations of biological processes such as blood flow in arteries and capillaries around tumors,” said Dr. […]

SGI: the official supplier of HPC to McLaren F1

Since we’re apparently all about covering the super exclusive HPC-in-racing niche news market, here’s something cool. McLaren builds supercars, and uses supercomputing to get the aerodynamics right. But dial the Wayback machine to 2005 when McLaren… …appointed SGI as its official supplier for CFD supercomputing, storage and visualization equipment. McLaren’s initial purchase included an SGI […]

Sun exceeds targets

Sun announced results yesterday for its fiscal 2007 year, and they look good. The company grew annual revenues by 6.2%, and increased its profit margin for the year by 2.1% over fiscal 2006. The company made $473M for the year, compared with a loss of $864M last year. Sun had trouble with products revenue, which […]

Weekly Takeout for July 28

In this week’s episode we talk about HP’s rumored $1B takeover of French HPC hardware maker Bull, news from the week’s second quarter financial reporting, new Intel technologies and the EU’s charges of monopoly abuse in Intel’s aggressive moves to quash competition from AMD. We also cover NASA’s bid to build the largest shared memory […]

EU charges Intel with using kickbacks to crush AMD

According to the AP the European Union has charged Intel with abuse of monopoly power to crush its AMD competition The European Commission said Intel gave “substantial rebates” to computer makers for buying most of their x86 central processing units, or CPUs, from Intel. It also alleged that Intel made payments to manufacturers to get […]

More on the HP/Bull aquisition rumor

The Register has a short piece on the rumor we talked about yesterday. Bull would fit in well enough with HP’s operations. The company has a strong position in the European high performance and high-end computing market. And, like HP, Bull has centered its top gear around Intel’s Itanium processor.

Microsoft's utility transformation: "very, very big deal"

Nicholas Carr has a post today about a presentation Microsoft’s Ray Ozzie made to analysts yesterday in which he outlined the company’s utility computing future. There are three stages to the process: physical infrastructure, software layer, and services. There’s the hardware: As with Google, Microsoft is building its data centers out of huge numbers of […]

Voltaire cutting IPO expectations

You may recall that we reported a few weeks ago that Voltaire was planning an IPO, and that they thought the step might be worth as much as $100M US. The AP is reporting this week that Voltaire is lowering its expectations a little, and now expects to walk away with $51.4M after expenses are […]

Rumor: HP to buy Bull?

Reuters is reporting this morning that shares of French HPC vendor Bull are up over 10% today in European trading on Thursday after an online report of French weekly said U.S. computer and printer maker Hewlett-Packard was preparing a 720 million euro ($994.3 million) bid. … said HP had retained Morgan Stanley and Freshfields […]