And even more on CCS

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While researching this week’s insideHPC Weekly Takeout podcast I came across two follow up posts from Joe Landman. Great work.

Joe goes to great effort (and, I suspect, time) to dissect (and disagree) with my article in HPCwire; his piece is definitely NOT a fisking and is well worth reading. I commented on his article at the site.

He also goes to substantial effort to refute Dan Ciruli’s analysis which he classifies as a fisking.

If you are trying to educate yourself on the merits and demerits of the Windows CCS value proposition, these posts are a good resource for balancing points of view.

insideHPC is primarily a news site, so I’ll leave this conversation where it is. Before I do though I will say that I’m excited that we’re creating enough of an online community that we can have conversations like this to the benefit of everyone. Good stuff.