Caneland: Intel's new quad-core Xeon platform

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Intel is blogging this week about the release of its new Xeon (codenamed Tigerton for crying out loud). The Xeon will be sold as the Quad-Core Xeon 7300 at 2.93GHz, and pushes Intel’s Core processor architecture to mid- and high-end servers. The chip has been shipping in limited quantities to customers since June and will move out in volume in the third quarter.

Intel logoCaneland? That’s what you get when you combine the Tigerton processor with the Clarksboro chipset. *sigh*

Intel has a video interview with Kirk Skaugen, Intel vice president and General Manager of the Server Products Groupon, linked from the blog entry.

Kirk spoke openly and frankly and gave out quite a lot of new information; mentioning that Caneland has been shipping since June, talked about how we expect Caneland’s 16 cores to double the performance of our previous MP offering on some workloads. Kirk also gave glimpses into what to expect next year from Intel in this slice of the market.

According to The Register’s coverage of Intel’s new product, the company hopes that Tigerton will push the Opteron out of its market.

Intel hopes the new MP or multi-processor flavor of Xeon will help it compete against AMD’s Opteron chip, which has shown strong performance in large boxes.


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