DataSynapse enabling commercial grids of up to 20,000 nodes

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GridToday carried news a several days ago about a recent announcement from DataSynapse, which has released version 5.0 of its GridServer

DataSynapse, the global provider of application virtualization software, announced the newest version of GridServer, making it the first product on the market to offer mega-grid capabilities for grids of up to 20,000 nodes. GridServer 5.0 answers the call for improved global administration, including seamless integration with enterprise authorization frameworks and role-based security policies that allow organizations to protect application integrity in a distributed environment.

And, evidently, the company has customers who will soon need this kind of capacity

“More than a dozen DataSynapse clients are in production today with mega-grids that exceed 3,000 CPUs, with plans to grow to 10,000 and higher,” said Jamie Bernardin, CTO and co-founder of DataSynapse. “With GridServer 5.0, DataSynapse significantly simplifies the ease of administering a global, real-time infrastructure.”

The latest release has a variety of new features including “low touch” grid administration capabilities, AJAX-enabled dynamic views of current state grid information, low task latency for fine-grained workloads, and many others.