Dell, Leibert partnership

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Dell and data center cooling specialist Liebert have announced that they are forming a relationship that will move Dell once step deeper into the data center integration business. Now they’ll be able to sell you the box, and keep it cool.

Dell logoThe Dell-Liebert Energy Smart Solution combines Dell’s innovative PowerEdge Energy Smart servers with Liebert XD supplemental cooling technology and Liebert DSroom cooling systems to deliver up to 80 percent in systems performance increase and up to 42 percent reduction in facility power required compared to prior generations of Dell servers.

…Dell is designing new Energy Smart Services to complement Dell-Liebert Energy Smart Solutions. These services will help customers identify power and cooling inefficiencies, assess datacenter infrastructure and systems capacities, develop recommendations for improvements to optimize computing capacity, reclaim data center space and reduce energy usage. This holistic, simplified approach to designing and optimizing standards-based IT infrastructures will enable customers to take advantage of proven, end-to-end solutions for today’s most pressing datacenter energy issues while planning for future business growth.

This move fits right in with the move Dell made in May to start focusing on the entire datacenter, rather than just the machine that goes in it. This strategy reflects a realization that many of the customers that Dell wants to woo — enterprise HPC customers with no significant prior experience — need help getting past the major pain points of system installation and management.


  1. […] Remember our coverage of the Dell-Liebert partnership? Sun and Liebert are getting together too, along the same lines. The companies announced a joint efforts …focused on defining and developing a high-efficiency power and cooling infrastructure for advanced High-Performance Computing (HPC) data centers. This initiative will enable the Sun Blade 6000 and Sun Blade 8000 server platforms to be deployed with zero impact on data center cooling. […]

  2. […] In a move similar to the recent partnerships Liebert announced with Sun and Dell, IBM has announced its in league with APC to build “green” datacenters. The Scalable Modular Data Center service product is available from IBM’s Site and Facilities Services business unit. IBM’s data center design and build experience and services expertise are utilized to bring the solution to clients. Scalable Modular Data Center services include data center strategy, data center design, server and storage integration, relocation planning, project management, infrastructure equipment sourcing, installation services and management, data center testing and start-up management…. […]