IBM and APC hook up

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In a move similar to the recent partnerships Liebert announced with Sun and Dell, IBM has announced its in league with APC to build “green” datacenters.

The Scalable Modular Data Center service product is available from IBM’s Site and Facilities Services business unit. IBM’s data center design and build experience and services expertise are utilized to bring the solution to clients. Scalable Modular Data Center services include data center strategy, data center design, server and storage integration, relocation planning, project management, infrastructure equipment sourcing, installation services and management, data center testing and start-up management….

The IBM Scalable Modular Data Center solution uses the APC InfraStruXure design, which integrates power, cooling, rack, management, services and security, allowing for selection of standardized components to create a solution through modular configurations.

Is it just me, or is everything “green” these days. It’s all starting to seem self-serving and vacuous.

These technologies are part of Project Big Green, a plan which IBM recently announced to help clients sharply reduce data center energy consumption.