IBM's revs Virtualization Engine storage

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Today IBM announced the next generation of its enterprise tape solution, the TS7740.

IBM logo…the enhanced IBM Virtualization Engine TS7740 for IBM mainframe environments is designed to provide the ability to automatically duplicate tape data across three data center sites with its Three Site GRID Configuration, helping maintain availability in the event of a disaster. This new capability is designed to enable a Virtual Tape Grid computing environment with global awareness functionality that allows data to reside on TS7740s at three different sites while being easily tracked and accessed when needed. A Two Site GRID Configuration capability is currently available on the TS7740.

There are several other new features, on that jumps out at me is the addition of the smaller one-terabyte single-cache drawer for enterprise customers that need less capacity initially.

The release has details, but the new features will be phased in between the end of August and November.