Intel set to release revved quad-core in August

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Recall that last week AMD finally announced a firm ship for Barcelona, it’s quad-core offering, but also shared the news that it would be at a slower clock rate, just 2.0 GHz for the performance bin.

The Register reported on Friday that Intel announced will rev its four-core Xeon (Clovertown) August to make sure AMD stays in its place (second, that is)

Chipzilla also in August will release a low voltage version of its four-core Xeon code-named Clovertown that runs at 2.0GHz, while consuming just 50W max power. By contrast, AMD’s upcoming standard edition Opteron will eat up 95W, while the low power chip will eat up 68W. Intel’s new 2.0GHz chip will also boast a 1333MHz front side bus, up from today’s 1066MHz FSBs, according to our sources.

Intel currently ships a 50W version of Clovertown running at 1.86GHz, although most of the parts consume 80W.


  1. […] Intel set to release revved quad-core in August […]


  1. 50W for Intel vs 85W AMD. Okay that’s fine. FBDIMM vs DDR 2 power difference still puts AMD way under for total system power consumption when a total system is compared from the two vendors.

  2. add it in the power differential of FBDIMM vs DDR 2, and the total system power consumption for Intel vs AMD still tips in favor of AMD.

  3. Excellent point; we should certainly focus more on total system consumption given the systems we build. Thanks!

  4. So I’ve done a little more reading on this, and from what I can tell FBDIMMs add about 6 watts of power consumption per DIMM over non-FB counterparts. That may make them closer, but I don’t think that will get you all the way to the 35W difference.

    What am I missing?