Univa and Sun team up for the enterprise

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Univa and Sun have announced [PDF] that they’ve signed a new agreement that allows OEM and support for Sun’s Grid Engine to be integrated into the Univa Globus Cluster Edition software, puts Univa into the Sun Partner Advantage Program (SPA), and starts co-marketing/co-sales efforts between the two companies.

“Univa and Sun are a natural match” says Fritz Ferstl, Sun Microsystems Director of Grid Engine. “Combining two advanced technologies like this provides additional benefits for our customers. This is a clear win-win for all of us. Now Univa’s customers will have access to the Sun Grid Engine commercial product and thus will be able to easily take advantage of Sun’s HPC product and services stack, including Sun HPC ClusterTools and the advanced features of the SolarisTM 10 Operating System like Solaris Containers and SolarisTM Dynamic Tracing (DTrace).

Univa was started by Carl Kesselman, Ian Foster, and Steve Tuecke in 2004.

[Note to Univa: please stop releasing your announcements in PDF, or at least add a text link. Please?]