AMD pays company to say Intel is bad

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AMD logoAMD released a press release today which is beyond the pale as far as I’m concerned. You’ll recall that the EU has raised questions about Intel’s monopoly pricing policies with customers in Europe.

AMD is predictably piling on, and fair enough if they want to come right out front with it. But today the company has issued a press release headlined thus:

New Economic Study Finds Intel Extracted Monopoly Profits of $60 Billion Since 1996

You can find the release here.

But it doesn’t matter, and you probably shouldn’t read it. Why? If you read the release you’ll find that the study was completed by the ERS Group (no problem, they seem to be smart folks) and that AMD paid them for it (bingo)

The ERS Group, an economic and financial consulting firm retained by AMD’s outside counsel, O’Melveny & Myers LLP, specializes in analyses for complex business litigation.

Earning AMD a finger wag and a sharp “tsk, tsk” from insideHPC. It’s not a two finger wag though, since they did at least disclose the relationship.


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