AMD ups the icky ante

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Not satisfied with the one-shot approach of underwriting economic studies that end up showing unsurprisingly conclude that Intel is bad, AMD has launched a whole website to educate you, the hapless (and, hopefully, gullible) consumer about just how bad Intel is.

The fine gnomes over at the DailyTech have pointed us to, a site where you can learn everything AMD wants you to know about Intel’s allegedly naughty European behavior.

AMD is enjoying the fact the European Commission charged Intel for anticompetitive measures. The company enjoys the fact so much it has launched a new pseudo-advertising campaign website providing updates on the case. The new AMD website,, provides all the information you would ever need to know on the allegations. Additionally, the site provides information on antitrust, competition and procurement.

Methinks that AMD should try to focus more on fixing their execution and roadmap problems (lackluster fabs, early indications of Barcelona under performance, delays in production) than swatting at Intel.