ANSYS to be used by ITER in building first fusion facility

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ANSYS has announced that ITER has selected their software to validate the design of the experimental fusion facility ultimately planned for construction in the south of France.

Engineering simulation solutions from ANSYS will be used to accelerate research and development by optimizing key components of the experimental fusion reactor. Researchers will use the broad and linked simulation capabilities within the ANSYS Workbench platform to conduct dynamic analyses, nonlinear thermal analysis, electro-magnetic analyses, coupled field analyses and nonlinear structural analyses of the facility. Construction and commissioning of the project is expected to take about eight years, once a construction license is granted in early 2009.


  1. Here is one promising technology that is not getting the backing it needs to make or break it:

    Bussard Fusion Reactor
    Easy Low Cost No Radiation Fusion

    So I have decided to do an end run around the government by designing an open source fusion test reactor.

    Any one care to help? You can start here:

    IEC Fusion Newsgroup
    IEC Fusion Technology blog