Chelsio and Woven demonstrate 10GbE RDMA solution at Sandia

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Woven Systems and Chelsio Communications have announced results from their collaboration with Sandia National Labs. The team has built a 128-node cluster that, according to the release, is the world’s largest 10 GbE remote direct memory access (RDMA) cluster built to date.

Results from the Sandia National Laboratories 128-node cluster demonstrated twice the average throughput as processors were added and a fraction of the performance variation compared to single data rate (SDR) InfiniBand.

…The combined 10 GE fabric and RDMA solution demonstrated a peak unidirectional bandwidth of 1204 megabytes per second (MB/s), as compared to 960 MB/s for SDR InfiniBand. Moreover, the test results showed that as processors were added, the average throughput for InfiniBand fell to 585 MB/s or 61% of its maximum whereas the 10 GE solution maintained 99% throughput.


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