Dan Reed's "You might be a big system geek if…"

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Dan Reed has a funny, funny post on his blog. Here’s the excerpt, but read the whole thing:

You might be a big system geek if:

  1. Your machine room is naked eye visible from low earth orbit. (This is a nod to Mark Seager, who wanted a file system visible from space. (We have them now, from Google, Yahoo and Microsoft.)
  2. Inside, you need binoculars to see the other end of your machine room.
  3. You think a $2M cluster is a nice, single user development platform.
  4. You order storage systems and analysts issue “buy” orders for disk stocks.
  5. You measure system network connectivity in hundreds of kilometers of cable/fiber.
  6. You dream about cooling systems and wonder when fluorinert will make a comeback.
  7. You telephone the local nuclear power plant before you boot your system.
  8. You’re already thinking about exaflops.