I'm back

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Hi gang; I’m back from my slightly-less-than-a-week of focusing on other things. But I need to make a few changes at insideHPC.com.

I truly enjoy writing for this site, and I’ve gotten great feedback this week about the extent to which you all value it as well. But the pace of posting is eating into the rest of my life at the rate of about 2 hours a day, and taking time and energy I want to devote to other things.

So to make it more manageable I’m going to experiment with the format a little. I got definite feedback from the survey that you all don’t want this to just become a headline and link site, but many of the posts I’ve been writing lately have been long-ish (300 words or more, plus excerpts) with a good bit of research behind them.

As a first step, I’m going to pare those long posts down. I’m going to continue covering the same breadth of news—and throw in my opinion when appropriate—but I’m going to try to shorten the writing I do on each post and rely more heavily on linked material for the background and non-core information from the story. For the time being I’ll continue to post every day.

Since I can work on the podcast on the weekend look for that venue to expand. Much of the material I’m dropping from my daily posts will probably move to the podcasts, so if you’re not a listener now, you might consider subscribing to the podcast (iTunes, your own pod catcher).

2 ways you can help

Several readers this week asked how they could help lighten the load. Thanks!

First, this is a hobby, and my “salary” is a growing readership. If you value what insideHPC.com has to offer and you’d like to say “thanks”, tell your friends about us. I want to double the number of readers by the end of the year, and you are going to be a big part of achieving that goal.

Second, you can contribute stories to the site. When you do though, don’t just send me a link. Write a paragraph or two of your own about the story, and include an excerpt the source if appropriate. I’ll post it on the site, with credit to you. Your mom will be so proud!