Weekly Takeout for August 11

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In this week’s episode the controversy over the recently announced NSF petascale award, The Green Grid announces is plans, POTUS signs the COMPETES act (and I get to use “POTUS” in a blog post), more Blue Gene/L’s get snapped up on sale, Sun’s new chip, IBM moves running apps around, the markets, QLogic, and more.

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Show links

  • NSF Track 1 and 2 awards (story, story, story, and HPCwire’s story)
  • The Green Grid’s plans (story, and story on Gartner’s report)
  • America COMPETES act becomes law (story)
  • NCAR’s Blue Gene/L (story)
  • QLogic’s 8Gb Fibre Channel offering (story)
  • Sun’s new UltraSparc T2 chip (story)
  • IBM’s Live Partition Mobility (story)
  • Scouts get into HPC (story)