Weekly Takeout for August 18

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In this week’s episode AMD and Intel duke it out with dueling chip and technology announcements, DARPA drops support for productivity research, TACC starts an international supercomputing group, IBM broadens support for Solaris, China gets new Blue, optical quantum computing takes another step forward, new chip cooling technology, and stocks.

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Show links

  • AMD’s faster dual core opterons (story) and LWP (story)
  • Intel’s Penryn (story) and quad core Xeons (story)
  • DARPA HPCS Phase 3 to shed research funding (story)
  • International academic HPC consortium (story and followup)
  • Sun and IBM (story)
  • China’s new supercomputer (story)
  • Quantum computing advancement in journal Science (story)
  • Cooling chips with an ionic breeze (story)