AMD's partner posse makes nice

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Kelly Fiveash, reporting from the European launch event for AMD’s new Opteron (in Barcelona of all places), comments on the behavior of AMD tier 1 partners IBM, Dell, HP, Novell, Sun, and others

Unsurprisingly, most remained securely on the fence, choosing their words carefully as they trumpeted what they saw as the positive aspects of the Opteron chip.

Skipping the fact that AMD has launched the chip that was originally code-named Barcelona six months late and at only 2Ghz performance, many of the firm’s first tier partners instead sang the praises of virtualisation, energy efficiency and something the chipmaker dubbed as “investment protection”.

Sounds like a love in. I found this interesting

Dell bigged up AMD’s latest chip offering by confirming that it will release what it claimed will be the industry’s first two-socket 2U virtualisation-optimised server in an exclusive platform partnership with the chipmaker.

Ummm….Sun announced a four socket 2U server on Monday. Right? Anyone? Oh, wait…two is…no, it’s smaller than four.