ClearSpeed moving into China, Taiwan, and So. Korea

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From the “HPC needs a robust ecosystem of vendors” department, ClearSpeed also announced this week that they’re expanding into Asian markets.

First we’ve got a reseller agreement with Super Sonic Technologies

With offices in Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai, and expertise selling in to the automotive and financial markets, Super Sonic Technology and its network have a customer base of more than 40,000 users of engineering simulation. Super Sonic is developing and working with partners on several important computer aided engineering (CAE) applications that will allow users to exploit ClearSpeed acceleration.

And then with Tao Computing

Tao Computing is a leading supplier of HPC systems to the major research institutions in South Korea. The company has a breadth of experience working with leading HPC vendors Hewlett Packard and IBM. With a team of research scientists, hardware engineers, and HPC software developers, Tao Computing is ideally positioned to support the growing demand for accelerated heterogeneous systems.