Companies working hard to win Wall Street's continued love

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First we get word from Cisco, Sun & Reuters that they’re shacking up to reduce latency in trading systems

Sun logoCisco has collaborated with Reuters and Sun Microsystems to deliver an end-to-end low latency solution for automated and algorithmic trading. Testing by Sun Microsystems showed the solution reduced overall system latency by up to 38 percent, with minimal impact on customer’s applications and infrastructure.

…This optimized configuration consists of Reuters Market Data System installed on the Sun Microsystems next generation rackmount server powered by Dual-Core Intel Xeon processor 5100 series with Cisco InfiniBand Server Fabric Switches running on the Solaris 10 OS.

The companies claim that the infrastructure can be deployed without any changes in enterprise front office applications. News at Cisco.

IBM and Redhat have hooked up, too, to provide a QS21 Cell-BE platform for real-time analytics

IBM logoIBM and Red Hat today announced a new algorithmic trading platform to help financial services firms take advantage of accelerated streaming data, real-time analytics and complex multi-path calculations in real-time trading and risk environments. The new platform is based on the IBM BladeCenter QS21 powered by Cell Broadband Engine (Cell/B.E.) technology running the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Platform.

And, finally, Cisco had a solo flight this week

Cisco today announced a new server host and fabric software, known as Datagram Acceleration Layer (DAL), designed specifically to accelerate multicast-based market data infrastructures for automated trading applications. When combined with Cisco InfiniBand Server Fabric Switches, the new Cisco DAL software will help customers to handle rising messages rates, while reducing the message delivery latency between server nodes.

Cisco claims the new solution reduces latency up to 81% in multicast infrastructure for automated trading applications.