Et tu, South Korea? AMD dances while more pile on Intel

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You remember the deal where Intel is getting sued for anti-competitive behavior by large swaths of the first world, right? Like the European Union, and Japan?

Add South Korea to the list.

Which isn’t really the point of the article. This article (again) focuses on AMD’s status as self-proclaimed victim, which evidently goes all the way to the freaking top

On the day of his company’s big Barcelona server launch, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) CEO Hector Ruiz was just about to leave a low-key gathering of bloggers when someone asked him about AMD’s legal battle with Intel (INTC).

…“We deserve a bigger share than we have,” Ruiz said. “This thing ought to result in their behavior stopping.”

“We deserve.” Really?

Look, you might well be on the pointy end of some nasty business dealings, but don’t whine about it. Either ignore their capering with a kingly disregard, or slash their tires while they’re in the 7 Eleven buying a slushy.

In speculating on AMD’s likely court strategy, the article observes

…AMD will want the courts to focus on the last 18 months, which have been far less kind to AMD. Intel, which commands about 75 percent of the chip market, has slashed prices and improved its product portfolio. Meanwhile, AMD profits have evaporated and its stock has plummeted. Today AMD’s market capitalization is just a third of its early 2006 peak – a problem Ruiz would say is largely a result of Intel’s thuggery.

In an unrelated story AMD has also announced that they’re suing themselves for thuggishly refusing to conceive or execute a product strategy that would build as much value for consumers as Intel.