First Blue Gene/P plugged in

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Hot of the presses at HPCwire, the first of IBM’s newly revved Blue Gene line (announced in June), the BG/P, has gone on line in Germany.

The Garching Computing Center of the Max Planck Society (RZG) has announced the installation of the first IBM Blue Gene/P system. The system was contracted last year and is part of the replacement for the Power4-based IBM p690 system installed in 2001/2002. The new machine is part of a dual path strategy, which includes a 100-plus teraflop Power6-based system to be delivered in 2008. The new Blue Gene/P contains 8192 processors and 4 terabytes of main memory. The system was received last week and represents the very first customer shipment of IBM Blue Gene/P world-wide.

In its current 2 rack config it should top out at 23-ish TFLOPS.