If four's a crowd is three's company?

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The Inquirer has an story on AMD’s reported tri-core processor. Seems like this is NOT just a salvage strategy for four core chips:

AMD is probably doing this for two reasons; the lesser being salvage, the more important one being that Intel can’t do it. Intel would have a far harder time making a tri-core part until Nehalem next September – it is easy to fuse off a core, far harder to MCM disparate cores.

The Inquirer goes on to say that Hector (Ruiz) and the rest of the AMD boys are learning a thing or two from the ATI crowd:

… it seems AMD is learning from ATI. Most non-top SKU GPUs are simply top SKU die with features turned off, and if you look at the success of people unlocking that, you will see that it is far more than salvage.