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Intel Adds Its 20,000,000,000 Cents

Even with the blitz of Barcelona news from AMD and their OEM partners, Intel is making sure they’re not forgotten. The Associated Press reported that Intel uncharacteristically released a mid-quarter financial update on the same day AMD introduced their new quad-core processors. From the AP article:

“It’s kind of ironic timing, don’t you think?” said Jim McGregor, an analyst with market researcher In-Stat. “Intel has definitely timed some recent announcements knowing (the new AMD chip) was launching. I don’t doubt that, but both companies do that, so I won’t call a foul.”

Intel spokesman Tom Beermann said the decision to raise guidance mid-quarter was not related to the AMD launch.

Intel added $200 million to its estimate of third quarter revenue, saying it now expects to see between $9.4 billion to $9.8 billion in Q3, citing greater global demand for microprocessors. If true, this is also good news for AMD, whose new quad-core chips are just hitting the streets this week.


  1. Sometimes I feel like the HPC community in general is serving as the moderator in a school-yard shoving match between the two biggest kids in the class. Competition is wonderful for innovation!

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