Interview with a BMW Sauber F1 supercomputer

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This was a novel take on the “we’ve got a new supercomputer” story. Its written as an interview with the new supercomputer ‘Albert2’ starting work at the BMW Sauber Formula 1 team. Albert2 is just over 12TF in size, based on Intel Woodcrest processors. Albert2 describes his work-life balance:

“For a supercomputer there is no such thing as controlled working hours and we dont have any workers representatives to look after us. I work day and night to bring about improvements, and thats the way I like it. For me, being shut down would be the biggest insult.”

Some statistics are interesting, as they quote 21 tonnes of supercomputer for 12TF – compared to the 21 tonnes for 42TF at UCL that we covered earlier this week.