More FPGAs from IDF

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More FPGA news from IDF this week.

Mitrionics and Nallatech are announcing they’ve cooked up an offering that connects to the Xeon FSB:

Leveraging powerful and energy-efficient FPGAs from Xilinx, Mitrionics’ Software Acceleration Platform enables application acceleration of up to 100x for new Intel Xeon based servers, while using ninety percent less electrical power than traditional system clusters. Nallatech is introducing new technology that will supply direct high speed access to the Intel multi-processor server platforms through a tightly integrated FSB-FPGA module, ‘Slipstream’.

Full release at HPCwire. HPCwire is also carrying news that Celoxica’s gear is available in HP servers. The

RCHTX acceleration board has passed HP qualification tests, expanding the opportunities for Celoxica’s hardware in the Accelerated Computing market. The board is now available for integration in HP ProLiant DL145 G3 server-based HP Unified Cluster Portfolio solutions for high-performance computing. Celoxica is demonstrating an accelerated financial application running on the solution at the High Performance Computing on Wall Street Conference in New York today.