QLogic demos 8Gbps FC HBAs at IDF

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Wow. That’s impressive acronym density.

Back in August we mentioned here that QLogic was getting its 8Gb Fibre Channel HBAs ready for market. Last week QLogic followed up by demo’ing its new gear on Intel Stoakley.

The Stoakley platform features PCI Express 2.0, a new bus for workstations and servers with the bandwidth to support high speed I/O like 8Gb Fibre Channel.

…The new family of end-to-end QLogic 8Gb Fibre Channel solutions consists of a broad range of single and dual port HBAs, blade server HBAs and switches, edge switches, and director switches. Designed to fulfill the ever-increasing need of enterprise-class business applications, and select vertical applications, for maximum performance, QLogic 8Gb Fibre Channel doubles the performance of today’s 4Gb Fibre Channel products while maintaining full backward compatibility with the large installed base of 4Gb and 2Gb Fibre Channel solutions.