Razorbacks land NSF HPC Grant

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The University of Arkansas [Fayetteville] has received an equipment grant totalling $803,306 in order to purchase new high performance computing equipment.

In scope and scale, this project really extends far beyond the Fayetteville campus,” said Amy Apon, professor of computer science and engineering and the university’s director of high-performance computing. “We see its relevance as a critical piece of infrastructure to implement a statewide strategy of high-performance computing that will benefit applications in engineering, science, government, business and agriculture.

The exact system specificiations have yet to be determined, but the target has been set at six Tflops. This equates to nearly a 4x performance increase over the only current supercomputer in the state of Arkansas, Red Diamond [also housed at UARK]. Target research groups in computer science, physics and chemistry are among the top user groups destined for access to the new resources.

Read the full release here.