Sun: growing enthusiastically

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Marc Hamilton, writing on his blog about implications of the CFS purchase, is looking forward to a rosey future

So what about our other file systems, like SAM-FS, QFS, and our work on implementations of the emerging pNFS standard? What will our acquisition of Cluster File Systems and the Lustre file system mean to those? They will just get better.

Yay! Better is good.

But how does a transaction that our lawyers make us say is, “immaterial to Sun’s earnings per share” make Sun feel like a startup, again. It isn’t just the Lustre deal, but everything going on…Across the Solaris organization, across Sun software, across Sun, there are hundreds of startup-like projects driving both organic and inorganic growth. It is definitely a great time to be working at Sun!


  1. I left Sun during the doldrums of 2001 but recently returned. I’m part of the team creating “Constellation” (the TACC project) and it’s indeed like a startup around here. Everybody is motivated and excited again. It’s kinda nice.