The 411: Digipede Technologies

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Digipede Technologies is one of the companies making supercomputing on Windows a reality for enterprise customers with big requirements but without all the specialize knowledge and resources HPC has historically demanded. Here’s the 4-1-1.

Who: Digipede launched its flagship product at DEMO@15 in 2005. Digipede Technologies delivers grid computing software that enables enterprise applications to be distributed across a network of Windows desktops, servers, and cluster nodes. Digipede’s top vertical market is financial services, with applications ranging from risk management to trading analytics and pricing of complex assets; leading hedge funds and asset managers are among Digipede’s many repeat customers. Digipede also serves customers in government and defense, life sciences, entertainment and media, manufacturing, energy, and other markets. Competitors include Platform Computing, DataSynapse, and United Devices.

What: Built entirely on .NET, the Digipede Network works with Microsoft tools including Excel and Visual Studio. Digipede emphasizes the ease of adapting applications to its grid, providing a free Developer Edition that includes its acclaimed Digipede Framework SDK. By focusing exclusively on the Windows platform, Digipede provides a product offering far better integrated with the Microsoft technology stack than competing offerings.

Why (you care): Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003 builds a cluster in the sense that traditional HPTC users think of a cluster (MPI and all). But this doesn’t really help traditional Windows developers with existing business apps. The Digipede Network can put your CCE nodes at the disposal of a .NET developer without restructuring your application. By automatically deploying .NET assemblies (and related files), then distributing and executing .NET objects natively, the Digipede Network adds support for high-performance .NET applications to Windows Compute Cluster.

When: Digipede Network 2.0 is available now.

Where: You can also get in touch with the founder and CEO, John Powers, at john digipede net.


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