UFABC Purchases SGI Altix

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Latin America’s largest shared memory supercomputer was recently purchased by Brazil’s Universidade Federal do ABC. UFABC was only founded in 2005 and opened last year. They have already purchased an Atlix 4700 system with 136 cores and 272GB of memory. They have also invested in 30TB of SGI InfiniteStorage.

We have some applications, mainly for materials science and chemistry, that perform better on computers that have a very fast interconnect, and SGI is one of the best, if not the best, in the world, with their NUMAlink interconnect,” said Gustavo Dalpian, Assistant Professor, Center for Natural Sciences, UFABC.

Cycles on the new machine will be divided between the Center for Natural Sciences, the Center for Engineering and the Computational Sciences Center.

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