Update: Woven's new growth spurt

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After Andy posted the basics on Woven’s new $20M round of venture funding I had a chance to talk with them this afternoon.

This is a really interesting company with great technology, and it looks like they are really poised for growth: about 6 weeks ago Woven added a new CEO with strong growth experience; their 144-port 10 Gb Ethernet kick-ass switch entered general availability a couple weeks ago; and now they’ve got the money they need to build out a sales and support organization. Check out the 4-1-1 on them for more background.

The company is recruiting heavily right now; they have a staff of 40 in house, and they have 22 open positions on their web site, all but 5 of which are in manufacturing, marketing, or sales. The company isn’t talking publicly about what exactly they intend to do with the money, but if one was to gauge what they intend to do with their shiny new $20M based on the hiring profile, it looks like most of that money is going into getting product out the door.

And sales is their big challenge. The Woven solution does look like it has a lot of advantages over competing solutions (especially strong is the adaptive congestion control as demonstrated by the Sandia/Chelsio results), but as the new kid they have to get boots on the ground to start building the mindshare that leads to market share.

Looks like they are now set to give that the old college try.


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