48 TB in 5U for under $1/GB

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If you’re a storage person at heart, you might be interested in this. Scalable Informatics has just announced a rev of their JackRabbit storage solution. Joe Landman posted a summary of the new offering at LinuxHPC.org

Scalable Informatics JackRabbit storage systems are now available with 1 TB disks, providing up to 48 TB raw capacity at 9.6 TB/U raw density, and over 1 GB/s disk access bandwidth, for less than $1/GB.

Scalable Informatics’ entire range of 5U systems, with raw capacities from 24TB to 48TB, are immediately available with pricing starting below $1/GB, depending upon configuration. Scalable Informatics 3U systems, with raw capacities from 5TB through 16TB, are available with pricing starting from about $6,900.


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