9th Annual Beowulf Bash at SC07

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The details for the 9th annual Beowulf Bash were recently released on [you guessed it], the Beowulf mailing list. The event will take place in Reno, Nevada alongside the IEEE/ACM Supercomputing Conference. The event is intended to be a very casual, social atmosphere between community attendees. The event details are as follows:

When?: 6-8PM Tuesday November 13.

Where?: Third Street Blues [125 West Third Street, Reno, NV; Next to the ElDorado Casino; street parking is available]

Who?: Everyone!

The event is being sponsored by Penguin Computing, AMD, Intel, Nvidia and Terascala.

For those of you keeping track of the InsideHPC SC07 calendar, this event will be listed.

As always, thanks to Donald Becker of Penguin Computing for organizing the event!