Dell readies new blade

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The Register is reporting this week that Dell is getting ready to re-enter the blade market with a new product, the M1000e blade server chassis.

Dell logoThe Texas-based hardware maker has long threatened to reenter the blade server game with a more competitive product. And now we learn that it’s already reaching out to customers with the M1000e – a 10U chassis that will hold 16 blade servers. While the system appears near identical to HP’s C-class chassis, Dell has been telling customers that the M1000e will crush rivals on scale and power management.

One real show stopper with the M1000e could come in the form of a liquid cooling option, although that’s just a nasty rumor at this point.


  1. A liquid-cooled blade would be very nice. But to toot my own horn, still nothing compares to the Supermicro blade. 55dB for an “office” version, and 14 blades in 7U with quad AMD or Intel procs 🙂