Do you have reservations?

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…only about the chicken. Ba doom bump.

I found this interesting article at Johan Louwers blog a month or so ago, and was just digging through my bookmarks and realized I never wrote about it.

Johan’s post is about a new reservation-based scheduled system recently deployed at SDSC

The reservation system can make computing more efficient in various situations. For example, a user with a large allocation may start a full machine job that will run for a day, only to find a minor problem causes it to quickly fail. Instead of being able to simply fix the problem and restart, the user is faced with going to the end of the queue and again waiting hours or days for the job to run. With SDSC’s new User Portal, this user can now easily set a reservation for a full-machine job, ensuring that they can complete the job in a timely way, even if minor problems occur.

Read the whole thing here.