Fujitsu's new cheaper storage; even the poor can go green

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This is great. The actual headline from Fujitsu reads thus

Fujitsu Debuts Highly Available “Green” Storage System for Price-Sensitive Data Centers

So it’s for customers who are “price-sensitive,” and to make you feel better about being poor you can at least feel like you are saving a rain forest.

What’s the announcement about you ask? Right. Fujitsu is announcing its ETERNUS(R)2000 storage area network (SAN) aimed at the small to mid-sized enterprise compute environment.

The ETERNUS2000 combines an efficient power design with MAID (Massive Array of Idle Disks) technology for reduced power consumption and costs, as well as extended system life. With a fully redundant hardware design, the ETERNUS2000 eliminates any single point of failure and enables high-speed back-up even during business operations. Storage management is simplified by using ETERNUS SF management software across the entire ETERNUS storage product line. Installing the ETERNUS2000 SAN requires no special skill set and is easy to configure using a web browser.

“Fujitsu found that upfront costs, power consumption, high availability and flexibility are the top IT concerns of SMEs that are struggling with tight budgets,” said Dave Egan, senior vice president of storage at Fujitsu Computer Systems. “The ETERNUS2000 SAN was designed to meet each of these challenges. The system has a sub-$12K entry price for 2TB of storage, and offers the greenest power design in the industry, a fully redundant design, three-tiered storage options for maximum flexibility, and a standards-based approach to hardware and software that ensures the ETERNUS2000 SAN will continue to function as part of an expanding infrastructure.”