IBM pays others to say HP equipment is loud

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Ah me, I do love it when the big guys have press release slap fights. In fine AMD tradition, IBM called HP’s new c3000 servers loud back in September. According to the WSJ, HP called bullshit

Paul Miller, an H-P vice president, calls IBM’s claim “silly,” adding “you really need a scientist to make the comparison.”

So IBM found a sound engineer and bought an analyst who said…guess what?…just that. From a WSJ article this week

Well, IBM was reading, and they sent us this video of a sound engineer (recently escaped from the movie Witness) saying that H-P servers are a whopping six decibels louder than IBM’s. They also put us on the phone with Joe Clabby, a tech analyst — not a scientist — who said of H-P’s server, “I got to tell you, if you’re working in a small office and you have that much sound going on, it’s distracting as hell.” When asked, Clabby acknowledged that IBM had hired him to perform an “independent audit” of the servers.

Video! Hah! But wait, because HP isn’t taking this lying down

Miller is lashing back at IBM with an attack of his own: “The large size of IBM’s server makes it quite an odd choice for a desktop environment,” he writes.

Boys….boys…settle down, before someone chips a nail.