India's own supercomputer

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This actually happened last month, but I’m very interested in the extreme lumpiness of this map of the Top 100 supercomputers. Specifically, I’m interested in the lumpiness going away (note to the Top500 guys: if you have time, it sure would be keen to map all 500 locations in the list).

Anyway, Indian firm Wipro Infotech has announced the launch of what I believe is the first supercomputing company based in India

At the launch, Ashutosh Vaidya, Vice President, Wipro Personal Computing said, “We believe that India is geared to witness the next boom in outsourcing and emerge as the R&D centre of the world. The trend of leveraging India’s skills in engineering and industrial design work along with work in animation design, simulation and modeling and bio-informatics is gaining tremendous momentum. For this, customers require access to sustainable and manageable Supercomputing and Superstorage infrastructure. Supernova is an answer to that market need.”

The Supernova line of supercomputers and storage is expected to have an entry level 1 TFLOPS configuration and expand to large scale systems.


  1. its strange though .. i couldnt even find the processor being used. and no benchmarks. how am i supposed to believe them about 1 TF?
    and at one place i even found a mention of scaling to 100s of petaflops .. probably some marketing person got a few zeros wrong.

  2. Not surprised that the majority of the super computers are in USA, but a little surprised there are not more in Europe with all the different countries, I thought there would be a t least one in most of the top european countries.