OGF21 next week

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Ian Foster points out on his blog that 21st Open Grid Forum is next week in Seattle and Globus will be a big topic of conversation of course

We have organized a full day of Globus material on Wednesday October 17. We’ll have overviews of old favorites such as GridFTP, RLS, OGSA-DAI and the GT4 distribution, as well as introductions to some of our many new Incubator projects: Shannon Hastings, OSU, discussing the service authoring tool Introduce, Steve Tuecke of UnivaUD discussing Data Catalyst, their open source higher level data solution, and Stephan Erberich who will overview the Internet2 IDEA Award-winning MEDICUS medical data tool, among others. Come hear about the latest updates and where Globus is going to next, and/or to talk to Globus architects and developer